Thursday, November 15, 2012

Creating a PR Brochure

A PR brochure, like many materials in the world of public relations, is meant to inform, engage and call people to action.  Creating a PR brochure can take on various forms and hold all sorts of information.  A physical PR brochure is a piece of paper that is typically folded into three sections and contains information regarding an event, company, brand or anything else that a company wants to share with the public.  An online brochure will act the same as a physical brochure, but should utilize keywords for search purposes.  A PR brochure can also double as a company brochure providing vital background information on a company, but the PR brochure can also serve a more specialized purpose and can be used to achieve a specific goal as a part of your PR campaign.

While many people lump PR brochures and sales brochures into the same category, they are really quite different.  What is the big difference?  While the typical PR brochure does aim at getting donations, support, or buyers, the PR brochure is mainly informational.  It is similar to a press kit where you as a PR agency, provide information in such a way that it may persuade an action from someone, but it isn't as "in your face" like a sales brochure would be.  If you are looking to have a brochure created for your franchise or business, make sure you know the type of information you want to give to the public and how you want that information perceived.  Here are a few tips for creating a successful, informational PR brochure:

1- Make it stand out: Strive to create a brochure that stands out amongst all the rest.  Lets face it, no one wants to create a brochure that totally flops and is tossed out by everyone and anyone that receives it, so make yours unique.  Make it visually interesting and eye-catching.  Make it a piece that no one wants to throw away.  As a Chicago PR firm we know that isn't always the easiest task, so if you feel that this is an area where you're having trouble, then don't be afraid to call in the PR experts.

2- Make it newsworthy: Making your PR brochure newsworthy is a big part of the key to success.  Ensure that your PR brochure is viewed as newsworthy by making sure that it is relevant, significant and timely.  Always try to strike while the iron is hot.  The brochure won't be able to stimulate interest if the target audience does not find the information important to them.  Anyone that reads your brochure wants to feel like they have need that you may be able to meet and that is what the PR brochure should provide.

3- Make it fit your company's identity: PR brochure's should always fit your company's identity.  Your brochure needs to show your company's identity and be consistent with your representation as it is seen in other places like your website, business cards, sales sheets, etc.  If your brand is fun, exciting and upbeat then your brochure needs to reflect that.  Utilize your company's motto, philosophy and mission statement in your brochure.  A PR brochure is a really great way to show off your brand's personality a bit more, so do just that.

The Basics

Lastly, here are a few of the basics not to forget when creating your brochure:

- Your company name (you could forget!)
- Logo (branding in general)
- Mission
- Goals
- Reason for the PR brochure
- Why the reader should think it's important
- Call to action
- Contact information

If you're looking for more tips on creating a PR brochure or any other PR collateral, feel free to leave us a comment or contact us.

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